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Dyspraxia Treatment in Adults and Children

Dyspraxia is a condition that is seen to occur in early childhood and affects the motor skills of the person. At times, the condition can also be caused as a result of the traumatic brain injury, but in most of the cases the reason is unknown. Since the condition is most of the times undiagnosed it is difficult to assess the statistics of people suffering from it. Dyspraxia has an effect on numerous developmental and learning abilities of the affected person. Mainly the motor skills are affected in children and they face difficulties in taking part in competitive sports of activities that require co-ordination of two body parts.

It is often seen that children suffering from dyspraxia are blamed for not working hard or giving try to the things that they cannot do. However, the case can be reverse, as they might be trying hard enough to retain the normal functions of their daily life. The condition has also been linked to ADHD and increases problems of people at home and in school. In adults, the condition can cause a challenge with their day-to-day activities. Driving, cooking, cleaning and other normal activities can often become difficult to carry out. It is seen that dyspraxic adults can also have a problem in controlling their pitch and in modulating their voice, which is often misunderstood by others.

An early diagnosis of the syndrome can help in controlling of the condition. The treatment starts with studying the developmental history and by observing the performance of learning tests. It should be understood that dyspraxia is not a lack of intelligence but a problem faced in the coordination of certain skills. Helping the person cope up with these problems can result them in developing their skills and learning how to manage things on their own. There are a number of professional these days like occupational therapists; speech therapists and physicians who can help the person learn how to manage daily activities.

In children, there is a need to understand their problem and it is important that the school they attend should have a specific scheduled planned to get to know the progress of the child. Helping the child through learning processes that they might understand easily will help them catch up soon with the work and understand the condition. There are a number of play therapies that you can put into action for children suffering from dyspraxia. For parents, it is important to have patience and understand that the child will require time to learn certain things. It is also important that you work closely with the young adult program therapist who can help you sort the condition.

In adults, the use of traditional therapies is put into practice for controlling their condition. It is important that they should be encouraged and applauded for everything that they achieve no matter how minimal it is. Such people can often become stubborn or hesitate to interact with others and you can hardly see them mingling in social gatherings. It is important to realize that they need help and a boost in confidence. With regular therapies and with the use of certain medicines to overcome the other associated symptoms, these can help dyspraxic people lead a normal life.