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What Do You Know About Caricature?

Have you seen cartoons in newspapers? They often show famous people such as politicians and movie stars. The subjects are often drawn in an unkind way which exaggerates certain of their features. This type of drawing is a caricature. Caricatures can be portrayed in many forms including pencil, ink or watercolor paint on quality paper to acrylic or oil paintings on canvas…

Caricatures are often meant to be humorous, and they are often used in comic strips, particularly political cartoons. Good-spirited individuals might also consider having their caricatures drawn by a talented professional, either on the street or at a festival or other event. An artist chooses certain features about a person such as their nose or teeth. These features are then exaggerated.

In order for the artist to be able to draw or paint a caricature accurately it is important that you provide fairly clear photos of your subject, preferably at a similar angle to how you would like the person to be depicted. For example, the figure at left is looking in a 5 o’clock direction. Caricatures can be drawn between angles from 3 to 9 o’clock but angles between 5 and 7 o’clock usually give the best results.

So, what Are the Education Requirements for a Caricature Career?

There are some caricaturists that might be able to build a successful caricature career without any formal training or education. This is typically the exception to the rule, however, rather than the norm. The majority of very successful caricaturists usually have some type of formal education under their belts.

Art schools can usually help aspiring caricaturists hone their already existing skills. Typically, a budding caricaturist should consider a degree in drawing or illustration. A graphic design degree can also come in handy for caricaturists that prefer to work with a digital medium.

Individuals interested in a caricature career are often able to choose from a few different degrees. For instance, those who want to study the basics of drawing and illustration can choose to earn a certificate. Others interested in caricature careers can also choose to earn two or four year degrees.

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